E-mail: ivilina_kyoseva@abv.bg
Contact Person: Ivilina Kyoseva
Tel: +35 9887386535
Web site: http://www.vmg.bg/

Varnenska morska gimnazia "Sv. Nikolai Chudotvorec" follows its policy in the field of development of information technologies among young people and has very good modern facilities. There are four fully equipped computer labs, presentation equipment, local area network and a constant Internet connection in school. During the last years, classrooms were renovated- two computer labs and one navigation classroom on the national program “Information and Communication Technologies in Education”, ensuring access to modern electronic resources and a higher quality of education. Other specialized classrooms are also equipped with presentation equipment and learning in them is conducted by multimedia products and educational materials. The school has a good team of computer specialists, teachers of information technology, as well as teachers with engineering education and additional computer training. Part of the extra-curricular work and projects in the school are directed and related with the information technologies